Friday, March 9, 2012

Fave photo friday!

This week seems like a good week to start "Fave photo friday". I would explain it to you but I don't want to insult anyone, obviously you catch my drift by the name :)

This past weekend I had SUCH a fun time taking photos for Kenzie's 5th birthday. She is having a cowgirl/butterfly themed party and she came with the cutest outfits! These were the first photos Kenzie has had done since she was a newborn! Crazy huh?! But all you moms out there know how hectic life gets and how quickly it passes when you have a little one. I love the way this shoot turned out, here is my favorite...

I'm obsessed with her freckles! Think she gets them from me?? Lol LOVE HER! - K

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  1. Awwwww thank you! After getting these done I finally realized how important pictures are and how I need to do it more often. Thank you so much for the Awesome experience and dealing with my crazy child. We are all absoulutely in love with this photo tooo. XOXO


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