Sunday, January 22, 2012

Confessions of a birthday shopaholic.

Today was the day my husband took me shopping for my birthday! Needless to say, BEST. DAY. EVER. I totally forgot to print out the ideas below and take them as a reference but I still found some great pieces and def got my {shopping for myself} fix! Here are some outfits I put together with my new purchases....
I already owned the brown slacks, purse, and wedges but I got the shirt {$10} and earrings {$5} at Charlotte Russe.
Pants, shoes, bag, and earrings from my closet. New blouse from Charlotte Russe {$10} love all the colors! Totally got that bag from an old box from my childhood, I guess I had style back then ;)
New heels {$20}, pink blazer {$30}, earrings {$2} Charlotte Russe. Coach wristlet, lace tube top, pinstripe slacks I already owned.
New heels {$20} and blouse, which I LOVE {$10} from Charlotte Russe. Earrings from a wholesale in L.A. {50 cents}.
Can you say  buy one get one free reversible shirt! Best invention in the fashion world. {$10} Charlotte Russe.
This outfit I love, but probably looks better on, not cute against the beige sheet I threw down but you get the idea! Heels and blazer {$20}, and bracelet {$3} from, you guessed it, Charlotte Russe!
Finally got my red pants! And on sale! {$25} Charlotte Russe.
Then there's this little gem {and by little I mean HUGE} that my amazing husband got me, I'm so obsessed with it! I still have over a week until my birthday and it's already been fabulous! So blessed! Can't wait to wear my new digs (should I use that word?) to the office! - K

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