Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wish list!

In light of my upcoming birthday {have I mentioned my birthday is in t minus 5 days} I decided to throw together a little wish list of awesome things that I want- and that I think you should want because they are awesome things. There is definitely nothing that I NEED but it's always fun to do some online browsing for more worldly possessions to clutter up my house, feel me?!

1. World Peace. Don't even say this is a ridiculous request.
              You can purchase this great print from Etsy.

2. Since I'm still a newlywed for another 6 months- how cute is this?!
Grab one for yourself or a bride here.

3. Blades! So I can roll like a boss. GREAT workout and SO much fun! {Better on your joints than running}
  These ones would do the trick, I'd look for a better deal though because I'm cheap. ;)

4. Cowgirl boots! Stagecoach is coming. Enough said.

Outrageously priced, but I'm sure they're comfy! Get them here and let me borrow them for the weekend!

5. This one is kind of a joke. KIND OF. What a great conversation piece this would make!
             And I'm pretty sure my husband would love it.

6. Juicer!
7. For those very rare mornings when I actually have time to SIT and get ready for work.
   I might have to get this here after I pay my delinquent taxes! The IRS is after me!

8. Lastly, tickets to this cruise! Blake Shelton + 7 day cruise = DREAM VACATION!

There you have it! My list of things I have absolutely no need for, but would be awesome to have! Maybe you know someone with a birthday or bridal shower coming up?! Or maybe someone in need of some glow-in-the-dark tp?? - K

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