Monday, December 5, 2011

Initial wreath {&} Creating Christmas!

Happy monday!! Today I  was featured on Love, Lindsey as a guest blogger! Lindsey is co-hosting Creating Christmas week with The Girl Creative and I was very honored to be asked to share a christmasy craft with them! They will have awesome christmas crafts every day this week so be sure to check them out! you remember those $1 ornaments from Target that I used on my pinspired picture frame craft? Well it seems I bought many more than I thought because I found 2 more tubes today! So I made this cute little creation...

  {You'll need}
-Cheap ball 
-Hot glue gun  
-Bendable wire  
-Wire cutters 
-Small piece of twine or ribbon
-A cup of hot coco with mini- marshmallows. (just because it's delish and it's christmastime)
Super simple! Just bend the wire into the letter you want to make and 
hot glue the ornaments onto the wire.  
 Then put a cute piece of twine or ribbon through the top ornaments to hang it!
 Cute huh?!?!
p.s. congrats to Love, Lindsey on her 100th blog post! And thanks for having us help you Create Christmas! xoxo -K





  1. very cute! found you over at Lindsey Love and I'm following along :)

  2. or Love Lindsey i should say, lol :)

  3. Such a cute craft! Thanks again for sharing :)


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