Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Bride's Tree

Raise your hand if you're a newlywed....{picture me raising hand}. My husband and I got married on 7.16.11 and are celebrating our first christmas as a married couple, new parents, and homeowners! Here are a few photos of such things...
Yes, new parents to this little cutie!

Isn't she cuuuute?! Paisley, not me haha. So let's get down to business. My brother Chris is king of all things random. He recently gave me a list of ornaments that newlyweds should have on their christmas tree. It goes a little something like this......
"The secret to a good marriage? Christmas ornaments of course. According to a Bavarian custom called the 'Bride's Tree,'  there are 12 special molded glass ornaments that newlywed need to hang on their tree. Each one reminds them of what's necessary  for a successful relationship."

  .....Bride's Tree.....

    Angel {God's guidance}
     Bird {Joy}
  Fish {Christ's blessings} 
  Flower basket {Good wishes}
 Fruit basket {Generosity}
    Heart {True love}
   House {Protection}
   Pine cone {Fruitfulness}
     Rabbit {Hope}
    Rose {Affection}
     Santa {Good will}
      Teapot {Hospitality}

Look's like I have some shopping to do, I only have 3 of these so far! -K


  1. Looooooove Paisley in those bows! How cute is that?! Looks like we need to get ornament shopping too....

  2. What a great tradition! So cute. That'd be a great bridal shower gift :)

  3. Brittany- I know! Don't you just love her!! Yes Linds, especially if the bridal shower is around christmastime! Where the heck will I find a fruit basket or flower basket though?? lol


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