Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cork boards!

If you've ever had a wedding you know about all the awesome presents you get. Such as, crock pots, a Magic Bullet, silverware, and other sweet household items like that. Well we got all that and more, but one of my very favorite gifts to get on my our wedding day (well the day before because she got excited) was from my sister Cheney. She's a crafty little one like myself and made me us a cork board, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Not because I'm obsessed with cork boards or anything, I don't think I've even used it yet, it just sits on display in my kitchen. But I love it so much because it was handmade and she took the time that she doesn't have (my sissy is a busy girl) and made it for me us (I really gotta stop doing that haha) because I'm sure she knew how much I would freak out over it! I'm a sucker for creativity and handmade, thoughtful gifts!

Here she is!!!

So basically my awesome sissy had been collecting corks from local winerys in Ojai, Simi Valley, and Paso Robles. She then purchased a board with tree bark on the sides (from Michaels) and began to glue the corks on with wood glue (which you can also get at Michaels). She then wrote a sweet little note on the back:) I will have this board forever, I may even ask to be buried with it, is that weird??
With this board as my inspiration I made my own mini cork board with corks that I have been saving from winerys in Temecula (you can go into the winerys and ask for a bag of corks and they will give you them for need to drink all that wine, but you can if you want). Her board puts mine to shame but I was just practicing for the huge one I'm going to make someday:)
I saw one about this size on pinterest being used as a trivet (great gift). Also I used a hot glue gun instead of wood glue, works just fine:) If you end up making a cork board for someone this christmas  PLEASE don't forget to write something super cute on the back, it will mean a lot to them I'm sure! -K

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