Thursday, December 29, 2011

The one with all the baking....

Last Christmas I made the mistake of baking and creating tons of treats for my husbands work. It didn't seem like a mistake at the time because I had plenty of time off work to bake. This year, however, I did not. I wasn't planning on going all out again until my husband told me my treats were a huge hit and were being requested again. Flattered? Yes. Excited to waste 5 precious hours in the kitchen slaving over a hot oven? No. But I did anyways because I do actually enjoy baking ( and I wanted to one up last years treats)!

So off to the store I went and I collected these supplies....
I decided to make cookies, candy cane cake pops, chocolate cover pretzels, and oreo balls! It went a little something like this....

               These are pretty self-explanatory right??
 Oreo balls: Crush up oreos, add cream cheese, roll into balls, put them in freezer for 15 min, then cover with chocolate and let harden. Mmmmm!

Kyle's work!

My work!
This little endeavor didn't turn out as bothersome as I thought it would be, I actually had fun making everything, baking is definitely a stress reliever! Time to start thinking of what I can make next year to top my cute gingerbread man full of treats! -K

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