Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY gift tags!

Reasons why I suck at posting this week:
  • EVERYONE decided to have a birthday this weekend, including my amazing dad, Jim.....this song is for you, I love you!!!
  • I started my first official week at my new job!
  • All my awesome friends are home from college for the holiday.
  • Christmas shopping, baking, wrapping, ahhh!
  • Ice skating is way more fun than posting, sorry! :)
In between all the holiday fun however, I did have a chance to experiment with my DIY gift tag idea! And here we gooooo....
I went to my girlfriend's house and borrowed her mom's Cricket machine, AMAZING. Thanks Di!
I also borrowed some of her stamps, she has an outrageous stamp collection, I'm so jealous of her crafty self! Using the Cricket, we cut out all the tags we wanted....she had tons of shapes to choose from!
Then I just stamped the tags with the design I wanted on the front and then I stamped the names on the back...too easy!
Now make yourself some hot coco, turn on some country Christmas music, and have fun wrapping! 5 days until CHRISTMAS!!! -K

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