Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas tree ohhhh christmas tree

I LOVE finding new blogs! I learn so much and get so many great ideas from them, I could read them all day! So not productive, but fun nonetheless. I recently stumbled upon Unskinny Boppy...check it out, she's awesome! Last year she posted a quick How To on photographing your christmas tree so I decided to try it out....too bad my tree doesn't look NEARLY as great as hers.... :/ someday...someday. I also wanted to show you my favorite ornaments, because I looove them and they each have a meaning behind them, for the most part.
 I got this one when my husband (then boyfriend) and I got our first place together!
             Our first apartment together was near the beach!
       Kyle is my "lobster". Friends is my ALL time favorite show.
        (I even walked my recessional to "I'll be there for you")
             Because my husband likes to drive fast cars.
       I can sometimes be a girly girl, love to get dressed up!
                     Have to have some Santa ornaments!
                         I love, love, love tea!
                     I also love presents and glitter!
                Everyone plays hide the pickle right??!
 Got this one for the husband, we bought our first house in may, enough said.  
    He loves to play the guitar, he has 5 of them AND a ukulele.
      Because he is my prince charming, and sometimes a toad haha
 Because I can be a pig hahaha Jk, I love piggy's and *fun fact* I used to raise them in FFA.
                             I LOVE to bake!
                       Just because they're cute!
   Husband likes to play "brainy games", and is super good at them!
 Had to get this one, one of our favorite movies is Step Brothers. "Did you touch my drum set?!"
                 Yay our first tree as homewoners!!!

I get MOST of my ornaments from Pier 1 and the  Hobby Lobby! I hope your christmas tree ornaments have some meanings behind them...it's more fun that way! -K



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  1. you have some beautiful ornaments! loved reading about the meaning behind them...so special. i'm your newest follower :0) would love it if you'd stop by ours too!


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